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Inkjet printing is used in many industries. It is characterized by rich and colorful, fast manufacturing process, image sun resistance, and good performance, which brings a prosperous prospect to the advertising industry. However, there are also some
How can the colored flag production be more in line with the corporate image? Banner customization can only attract the interest and attention of enterprises if it conforms to the image of enterprises. Therefore, for the flag making industry, how to
When customizing the hanging flag of the mall, the flag customization enterprise must first understand the size and specification of the hanging flag of the mall. The hanging flag of the mall has different shapes and sizes, and the specific size of t
When customizing flags, the message conveyed by color has a great impact on us. In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are closely related to color. Now people pay more attention to color matching. How to use color t
On March 14, local time, China Railway Construction Won the bid for the franchise project of Cokimbo Hospital in Chile, which is the largest single franchise medical project won by a Chinese enterprise in Chile. The project is located in Coquimbo cit
Many users who need to customize the hanging flag often consult our factory about how to hang the hanging flag, how to install the hanging flag, what to hang the hanging flag with, and so on. Today, I will summarize and share with you the methods of
What is the size of the hanging flag in the real estate sales department Shanghai Yingfeng flag factory Tel. (wechat): 15900759720 qq491426366 Flag size of Sales Department_ What is the size of the hanging flag in the real estate sales department? Th
Feather flag size_ Specifications_ Introduction to the sizes and models of common feather flags Feather flag is actually a type of beach flag, which is often referred to as feather shaped beach flag. This article is written to facilitate some new use
As one of the highlights of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), a summit forum on Trade in Services Facilitation from the Perspective of Multinational Corporations was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing on
In today's fast-paced urban life, various banner products are also diverse and changing with each passing day. Advertising banners have become various advertising materials for various occasions and activities. Next, Qianhong flag factory will ta

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